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The StudentCorner Podcast Show - Tune In
By Michael Bailey,
mb[at] wediversify [dot] com

Welcome to The StudentCorner Podcast Show!

Who Is The Show For?
Whether you are a parent of a high school student, a college student, high school guidance counselor, teacher, or student from the ages of 13-25, you should be listing to the StudentCorner Podcast.

What Topics Do We Cover?
The topics we cover are mainly geared towards getting high school students into college and college students into graduate school. Some of the knowledge you will learn about while listing to the StudentCorner Podcast show are:
1. The Admissions Process
2. What Various Schools Admissions Standards Are
3. The Cost For Going To School
4. How To Prepare For College
5. Financial Aid
6. Financing For College
7. What To Expect When You Get To College
8. The Resources Available To You At College
9. Transferring From A 2-Year College to a 4-Year University
10. College Readiness and Scholarships
Plus More...

The StudentCorner Podcast Show attracts a targeted demographic of over 20,000 listeners who are primarily students, parents, high school counselors, and admission officers.

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